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Peripheral Heart Action Training (PHA) is one of the most effective ways of increasing your oxygen thresholds. This means you will be able to burn more oxygen and more fat!


The principle is based on blood shunting. You hit a lower body circuit followed by an upper body circuit. This means when you’re running your heart has to pump most of your blood, oxygen and nutrients down to your legs, and then when you do the upper body resistance exercises your heart has to get all that blood back up your body making it do a lot more work and improve your ability to take in, transport and burn oxygen. 




HIIT@META45 is a collection original new programmes. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most popular types of exercise class in the world that will help you achieve the best possible results for your money.

Suitable for all fitness levels, we have created a system that promotes progression in group exercise. META45 HIIT will get you using innovative equipment and some of the most effective programmes we have ever created.


Fitness Class



TRX - Short for “Total Body Resistance Exercise” — is a non-weight-bearing, resistance training system that utilises two suspended bands and body weight movements to produce a highly effective, highly versatile workout. Developing a strong, stable core that will help you achieve any fitness goal. Your core fitness will form the foundation for building your strength, power, endurance and overall athleticism.


Because the TRX bands provide a highly unstable surface, literally EVERY movement requires core stability to a varying degree, including moves ranging from suspended planks to oblique twists. This forces the body into powerful isometric abdominal contractions. An “isometric contraction” is any static contraction that doesn’t involve a change in muscle length; planks, the bottom portion of wall squats, ab v holds, and yoga poses are all prime examples.

Using the TRX for core training will help you feel and look better. Any functional movement performed on a TRX Suspension Trainer requires that you brace and stabilize with your abs, obliques and lower-back so you can leverage your own bodyweight as resistance.

Core Exercise


This class is an open level yoga class and is suitable for all levels of experience. The intention is to take you from your busy lifestyle - whether active or largely sedentary - into a relaxed and calming space. Expect to build strength and increase flexibility through sequences that are designed to encourage lengthening and fascial release.

The gentle pace of this practice allows for more precision and quality of the breath, movement and alignment. Although a restorative flow, this is a physically engaged class where modifications will be offered throughout to take you deeper into the poses.  

Yoga class copy.jpg



Building strength and conditioning is the foundation of every other physical ability. And we’re here to build you into the best physically possible. So we focus on pulling, carrying, pushing and lifting which are the quickest way to build functional muscle and get you stronger and sculpt.


These sessions are designed to help you get fitter, stronger and leaner with a series of exercises using equipment and your own bodyweight.

Lifting Weights



MMA CIRCUIT will help you improve combination of technical ability alongside flexibility, muscular endurance, strength, and power, combined with high levels of aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Expect amazing results when you put all these factors together in one training program.




Striking Fundamentals

If you are new to striking, we offer fundamentals classes to start in. This class will cover the basics of boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. This is a perfect class for those who are worried about injury, but still want to learn and enjoy martial arts. 



Traditional boxing classes taught by professional boxers and fighters. These classes include combinations on the heavy bag, mitt work, footwork, head movement drills, cardio and workouts.


Muay Thai 

The Millennia Style of Muay Thai Kickboxing stems outside of traditional style Muay Thai. We incorporate boxing and Dutch Style kickboxing into our system.




Self defence is not just a set of techniques, it is a state of mind. This class will help you build your skills and help you develop confidence and power in your self. It explores the physical and non-physical techniques for self defence. From sensible human body work to situation analysis. Our instructor will help you work on variety of techniques, mindfulness including dealing with fear and aggression to enhance your expertise.




Our Jui jitsu classes revolves around the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend him/herself against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using leverage and weight distribution, taking the fight to the ground and using a number of holds and submissions to defeat them. Our training methods will include drills in which techniques are practiced against a non-resisting and resisting partners.

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